Water and Light (a 4-minute video)

The ancestors told me to observe the elements of nature and find their energy within myself. I have become a student of water and fire—since fire is the source of light. Perhaps there is a portal at the nexus of water and light.


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4 Responses to “Water and Light (a 4-minute video)”

  1. Andrew Says:


  2. hazyrhythmwonderband Says:

    You seem to have a gift for recognizing the divine all around you, where most move to fast to really notice.
    My film, Falls Sky blues, is not really focused on nature however, I try to duplicate what my music is trying to express by capturing similar images in a way that attempts to force a divine perspective. For example, capturing the ice flow on the Hudson River or deeply zooming in to a dripping ice sickle.
    Sorry, this rambling is simply trying to convey- beautiful video, I appreciate your work and thank you.

    • visnow77 Says:

      I just left a comment on your blog. Thank you for your kind remarks. It sounds like we have similar esthetic interests. I haven’t been doing video lately, but I do have a collection of clips I want to put together. I did a series of videos with musical background…maybe I could use one of your songs for that purpose? Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xehNefj5sy4

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