Canada geese cross the street


Ducks and drakes celebrate spring

I don't know about the bees, but the birds seem to think spring is here – at least the ducks are in an amorous mood. Since my discovery of Coles Brook, I've taken to doing my laundry in River Edge, around a corner from the brook's meander towards Hackensack. While the laundry is drying, I … Continue reading Ducks and drakes celebrate spring

Bald Eagles visit the Hackensack River

Two great dark wings stretch up above the water and then fold back down. The tide is running out, and swaths of mud flats are exposed along the shores of the river. As I approach, I see the big bird in the shallows near the opposite bank, struggling with something. I notice its white head … Continue reading Bald Eagles visit the Hackensack River

The Saving Grace of Computer Modeling

Scientists throw out predictions on how long it’s going to take for the average temperatures on Earth to rise 5 degrees and what the effects will be on sea level, agriculture, and human existence—but many people are skeptical because it’s all based on computer modeling. As a former computer programmer, I know how impossible it … Continue reading The Saving Grace of Computer Modeling