Bald Eagles visit the Hackensack River

Two great dark wings stretch up above the water and then fold back down. The tide is running out, and swaths of mud flats are exposed along the shores of the river. As I approach, I see the big bird in the shallows near the opposite bank, struggling with something. I notice its white head … Continue reading Bald Eagles visit the Hackensack River


Whooping cranes still migrating

I am still fascinated by the whooping cranes and their slow migration behind the ultralight aircraft. They are flying today, expected to reach Georgia. It’s been a rough migration, with a lot of down days due to bad weather and winds, but their Florida destination is not far off now. See or to … Continue reading Whooping cranes still migrating

Watching the whoopers

Tuesday, October 18, 2009, 9:04 am I’m getting addicted to the cranecam. Since visiting Necedah Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin, I’m intrigued by the effort to teach young whooping cranes, an endangered species, to migrate by getting them to follow ultralight aircraft. Also, I’m hoping to write an article about the cranes. The pilots work for … Continue reading Watching the whoopers