Kids and nature deficit

Do you remember playing outdoors as a child?  I remember climbing a five-trunked maple tree, playing house in the shady gaps of a honeysuckle thicket, tasting the nectar of columbine flowers, stripping the seeds from plantain stems, for that satisfying prickle along the fingers. If you have kids, I hope they’re getting to have their … Continue reading Kids and nature deficit


The Saving Grace of Computer Modeling

Scientists throw out predictions on how long it’s going to take for the average temperatures on Earth to rise 5 degrees and what the effects will be on sea level, agriculture, and human existence—but many people are skeptical because it’s all based on computer modeling. As a former computer programmer, I know how impossible it … Continue reading The Saving Grace of Computer Modeling

An early environmental activist

Aldo Leopold was a visionary ecologist of the first half of the twentieth century. I'm reading his classic A Sand County Almanac (Oxford University Press, 1949), a then-radical view of the imbalance between human activity and the needs of the environment, as considered by a scientist, hunter, and deeply thoughtful observer of his surroundings. It's … Continue reading An early environmental activist